Curriculum Stages

Curriculum Stages Diagram

With the change in the pre-clerkship curriculum from two years to 18 months, the use of years one through four is no longer an accurate depiction of a student's progress through the curriculum. Instead, progress is tracked by referring to stages in the curriculum, which correspond to the kind of coursework covered. Woven through the curriculum are Pillars, disease-based topics that integrate teaching of basic and clinical science. To read about each stage, click on the name of the stage below.

Stage 1 coursework indicated in BLUE.

Stage 2 coursework indicated in PURPLE.

Stage 3 coursework indicated in ORANGE.

Stage 4 coursework indicated in GREEN.

Academic Requirements for Graduation

In addition to the successful completion of all pre-clerkship coursework and the core clerkships, students must also complete:

Students must also pass the CCSE, Step 1 and Step 2 (CS & CK) exams.

Graduation Policy

No candidate may be recommended for a degree until all required fees have been paid. The University cannot be responsible for the inclusion in the current official graduation list of any candidate who pays fees after the first day of May, September, or January for degrees in May, September, or January, respectively. Following the payment of all required fees, and on approval of the faculty, the candidate will be recommended for the degree as of the date of the next regular meeting of the University Board of Trustees at which the awarding of degrees is a part of the order of business.

Arrears Policy