Curriculum Stages

Curriculum Stages Diagram

With the change in the pre-clerkship curriculum from two years to 18 months, the use of years one through four is no longer an accurate depiction of a student's progress through the curriculum. Instead, progress is tracked by referring to stages in the curriculum, which correspond to the kind of coursework covered. Woven through the curriculum are Pillars, disease-based topics that integrate teaching of basic and clinical science. To read about each stage, click on the name of the stage below.

Stage 1 coursework indicated in BLUE.

Stage 2 coursework indicated in PURPLE.

Stage 3 coursework indicated in ORANGE.

Stage 4 coursework indicated in GREEN.

Requirements for Graduation

In addition to the successful completion of all pre-clerkship coursework and the core clerkships, students must also complete:

Students must also pass the CCSE, Step I, and Step II (CS & CK) exams.