Student Profiles


Oriana Cohen, Class '12
Plastic Surgery Resident, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY
Honors Research Project: Shifting cellular redox balance: topical silencing of Keap1 increases antioxidant cellular protection, improving diabetic would healing
Honors Mentor: Dr. Pierre Saadeh
Read more about Oriana's Honors research here.

Keena Syril Keena Que, Class '12
Preliminary Medicine Intern, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY
Honors Research Project: Defining the mechanism of action for pigment phenotype reversal in OCA2 mutants treated with tricyclic antidepressants and antipsychotics
Honors Mentor: Dr. Prashiela Manga
Read more about Keena's Honors research here.

Joseph Oved, Class '13
Honors Research Project: Elucidating the host-pathogen interactions during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in humans
Honors Mentor: Dr. Joel Ernst
Read more about Joseph's Honors research here.

August Dietrich, Class '14
Honors Research Project: Targeting human glioblastoma stem cells with CD133-specific lentiviral vectors
Honors Mentor: Dr. Dimitris Placantonakis
Read more about August's Honors research here.

graffeo Christopher Graffeo, Class '14
Honors Research Project: Signaling via toll-like receptor 7 regulates pancreatic carcinogenesis
Honors Mentor: Dr. George Miller
Read more about Christopher's Honors research here.

Benjamin Miron, Class '14
Honors Research Project: The functional mechanisms of regulatory T-cells
Honors Mentor: Dr. Juan Lafaille
Read more about Benjamin's research here.

Jennifer Jennifer Zhu, Class '14
Honors Research Project: Development of a Prospective Longitudinal PTSD Recruitment Protocol in the Bellevue ED: A Feasibility Study
Honors Mentor: Dr. Arieh Shalev
Read more about Jennifer's Honors research here.