Humanistic Medicine


The mission of the Master Scholars Program in Humanistic Medicine (MSPHM) at NYU School of Medicine is to empower students to become humanistic clinicians, scientists, leaders, and advocates. MSPHM is dedicated to cultivating the values of empathy, justice, compassion, and communication in order to enhance insight into the lived experiences of both doctors and patients. MSPHM emphasizes the shared humanity of all those involved in the delivery and receipt of health care.

The MSPHM enables students to pursue their creative and intellectual interests not necessarily covered in the core curriculum by promoting scholarship at the intersections of medicine with the arts and humanities. Our seminars, collquia, and activities are geared towards medical students but open to all members of the NYU community, including students, faculty, and staff from diverse departments. This inter-professional format fosters personal and professional development for all involved with the program.


Michael Tanner, MD
Faculty Co-Director

David Oshinsky, PhD

Faculty Co-Director

Katie Grogan, DMH, MA

Associate Director