The PhD program in Epidemiology offers interdisciplinary instruction and research opportunities, particularly in chronic disease epidemiology, and is designed to prepare individuals for careers in population health research and policy. The program has research strengths in environmental and behavioral epidemiology, genetics and the human microbiome (http://www.med.nyu.edu/pophealth/divisions/epidemiology). Students can participate in a wide range of ongoing municipal, national and international studies focusing mostly on cancer, cardiovascular disease and other major chronic diseases. The PhD program in epidemiology offers opportunities for transdisciplinary research, involving the broader Sackler Institute and School of Medicine research family and the Environmental Health Science Research Program.

It is recommended that applicants have previous course work in population health sciences or biology. Normally, successful applicants will have a master’s degree in a relevant field or at least two years of relevant research experience.


lorna thorpe
richard hayes
Lorna Thorpe, PhD
Program Director
Professor of Population Health
Professor of Population Health

Sample Courses

  • Epidemiology Methods
  • Epidemiology of Cancer
  • Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Environmental Carcinogenesis
  • Epigenetics and Environmental Diseases
  • Biomarkers of Environmental Exposures
  • Global Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health

Qualifying Exam 

When: To be taken by the end of Year 2