The PhD program in Biostatistics offers interdisciplinary instruction and research opportunities, and is designed to prepare individuals for careers in developing and applying biostatistics methods to solve scientific questions in biology, medicine, and public health. Biostatistics program has strengths in a broad range of research areas: design and analysis of clinical trials, longitudinal data analysis, meta-analysis, survival analysis, high dimensional data analysis, and disease screening. Students have the opportunity to participate in biomedical collaborations, from studies in basic biological systems to randomized clinical trials, from retrospective epidemiology studies to prospective longitudinal studies, and from studies with thousands of subjects to studies measuring the expression of tens of thousands of genes.

It is recommended that applicants have previous course work in biology and statistics or mathematics. Applicants with a master’s degree in a relevant field or relevant research experience are encouraged to apply.


Andrea Troxel
Mengling Liu
Andrea Troxel, ScD
Program Director
Professor of Population Health
Mengling Liu, PhD
Program Advisor
Associate Professor of Population Health

Sample Courses

  • Statistical Inference
  • Methods for Categorical Data Analysis in Health Sciences Research 
  • Methods of Applied Statistics and Data Mining with Applications to Biology and Medicine
  • Statistical Methods for Clinical and Translational Research
  • Introduction to Bayesian Modeling

Recommended Elective Courses

  • Epidemiology Methods
  • Advanced Topics in Survival Analysis
  • Sampling Methods and Applications in Health Surveys

Qualifying Exam 

When: To be taken by the end of Year 2