Institute for Computational Medicine

Computational Medicine

At NYU School of Medicine’s Institute for Computational Medicine, led by Itai Yanai, PhD, our mission is to bring computational thinking to biological questions which will unlock transformational new ideas about human disease.

Collecting and accessing biomedical data is faster and easier than ever before. Computational tools allow for data integration across biological systems that are vast, complex, and dynamic, and reveal unexpected new hypotheses that would not otherwise emerge using more conventional approaches.

Our focus is on the fields of cancer biology, host–pathogen interactions, adaptive immune systems, and population health. We recognize opportunities in these disciplines require expertise in analyzing big datasets and applying principles of developmental and evolutionary systems. Our investigators will run highly innovative independent research programs, and collaborate across NYU Langone Medical Center to leverage scientific interactions with both basic and clinical departments. Our scientists will teach courses within the Systems and Computational Biomedicine Graduate Training Program at NYU School of Medicine’s Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.