Facilities and Centers

Bernard and Irene Schwartz Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI)


The CBI at New York School of Medicine is located on the ground floor of 660 First Avenue, three blocks north of the main hospital. This center houses three Siemens MR research systems: two 3 Tesla whole-body units and one 7 Tesla human unit. Space is available for support staff, patient/subject management, a machine shop, an electronics shop, image analysis labs and a conference room. The total square footage is approximately 12,000 with an additional 4,000 square feet of research space is available in Bellevue Hospital.

The two 3 Tesla and one 7 Tesla whole-body MR systems is maintained by the vendor under a service contract. This function will be coordinated with the NYU site engineer. Siemens has placed 2 Ph.D. level engineers at NYU. Part of their job responsibility is to integrate themselves into the research projects and provide on site support for sequence development and point of contact access to the factory. There is also presently a dedicated MR service engineer at NYU. NYU has a unique single vendor relationship with Siemens. Because of this, we will be secured access to the latest vendor hardware/software as well as be provided a strong commitment for support.

3D Imaging Lab

3-D imaging capabilities at Tisch Hospital include 3 Siemens Leonardo stand alone workstations,, a Siemens Syngo Explorer simulation workstation and a Siemens Leonardo dedicated research workstation for thoracic imaging. A dedicated research workstation is available at Faculty Practice Radiology along with a current state-of- the art Siemens commercial Leonardo. At Rivergate, there is a Siemens Leonardo workstation optimized for cardiac imaging as well as a stand alone research workstation dedicated to dual energy MDCT post processing. In addition to these, there are 3 new Vital Images workstations (1 at FPO, 1 in MR, 1 for virtual colonoscopy). These 3 new Vital Images workstations are equipped with the latest software version 3.9. This new software operates off of hardware that consists of Hewlett-Packard XW 6400 CPUs.

Biostatistics Lab

The Biostatistics Lab is centered at Bellevue Hospital and consists of a fully dedicated faculty member with over 20 years of experience. It provides statistical support pertaining to study design (including randomization, stratification, and determination of sample size), data analysis, the presentation and summarization of results and the preparation of protocols and grant applications.

RF Lab

The NYU physics department has a fully equipped machine shop and machinists for fabrication of UBM transducer housings, RF coil formers, and research devices for animal & human positioning/handling systems. Shared equipment and lab space include a new Leica cryostat, a fully equipped histology lab in the Developmental Genetics Program of the Skirball Institute for histological analysis of mouse samples, a fully equipped tissue culture room for maintaining cell lines and preparing primary cells for injections, and numerous microscopes for analyzing histological data and photographing sections.