Department of Pathology

The NYU School of Medicine, founded in 1841, has been a pioneer in the field of pathology since its inception, both through its earliest approaches for the dissection and study of human bodies and through the groundbreaking work of William Welch, who helped establish a laboratory for teaching the use of the microscope. In 1881 Welch was appointed Professor of Pathologic Anatomy and General Pathology, the first position of its kind in the country. Around the same time, a laboratory, devoted specifically to the study of the "pathology of many diseases," was founded through a gift from Andrew Carnegie at Bellevue Hospital Medical College. With its stated research focus, this laboratory became the first in the United States for teaching and investigation in pathology.


We are pleased to announce the recruitment of Dr. Margret Magid, Professor of Pathology as Content Director of Pathology in Undergraduate Medical Education and co-director of the Pediatric Pathology Service.


Case of the Week

Week 9: Case 1: Cytopathology. The patient is a 35 year old HIV-positive male who presents to the emergency...



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