EVOS® fl Microscope

Features and Benefits

Courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.:The EVOS® FL Color Imaging System is a fully-integrated, digital, inverted imaging system for four-color fluorescence and transmitted-light applications. It is powerful, yet easy to use and delivers high-definition images with exceptional convenience. The patented light cubes, color camera, and precision-engineered optical system make the EVOS® FL Color system ideal for both demanding and routine imaging of fluorescent and colorimetrically stained samples.

The EVOS® FL Color Imaging System offers you these important advantages: 

• Easy installation; no maintenance, assembly, alignment, or calibration
• For four-color fluorescence and transmitted-light applications
• Five-position objective turret with front controls
• On-board software 
• All-in-one design: digital camera, precision optics, LCD display, and USB storage

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