Rodent Behavior Core

Rodent Behavior Core

The Rodent Behavior Core will provides facilities and equipment for:

  • Spatial Learning and Memory (Morris Water Maze, Place Preference)
  • Associative Memory Formation (Fear Conditioning)
  • Anxiety and Depression (Elevated Plus, Forced Swim, Tail Suspension, Sucrose Preference)
  • Sensory Motor Gating (Prepulse Inhibition, Acoustic Startle) 
  • Drug Addiction and Withdrawal (Conditioned Place Preference, Locomotor Hyperactivity) 
  • Social Learning (Three Chambered Arena) 
  • Novelty Detection (Objection Recognition) 
  • Motor Learning (Rotating Rod test)
  • Perseverative Learning (Y-Maze) 
  • Working Memory (Radial Arm Maze) 
  • Real time video tracking to adapt user designed paradigms

Current Users Only

Acknowledging Us

New Users: Please contact  Dr. Adam Mar to set up training time/equipment use.

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Dr. Adam Mar
Phone: 212-263-9295

Zukerman Research Building
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)
408 E 69th St
NYU C4 Facility Room SC-58
New York, NY 10065