Leica TCS SP5 II Confocal Microscope

  • Leica DM6000 automated UPRIGHT microscope
  • Wide range of objectives- 10x/0.3, 20x/0.7, 40x/0.8 W, 63x/1.20 W and 63x/1.40 Oil
  • Diode 405nm, Argon 458, 476, 488 and 514nm, DPSS 561nm, HeNe 594 and HeNe 633nm
  • Four true spectral detectors with AOBS, which splits Ex and Em light up to four channels simultaneously and efficiently
  • The Tandem Scanner combines two true confocal point scanners: a conventional scanner for imaging at high resolution and a resonnant scanner for high speed imaging
  • X-Y motorized stage for tiling images (in 2- and 3-D) of large objects and for multiple points visiting during live sample imaging experiments
  • FRAP and FRET capability
  • Leica LAS AF software

Leica TC5 SP5 II Confocal Microsope