DART (NYULMC Cores) has launched LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), a software-based laboratory and information management system that offers a set of key features that support a modern laboratory's operations, including cores service requests and scheduling.

How to Request Access to LIMS

  • Under "Most Frequently Requested Services" click "Application Access or Enhancement."

  • Under Requestor Information, click and save yes or no to "is this request for you?" If you clicked no, enter the name (either first name or last name, but not both) or kerberos ID of the person that should have access to LIMS. Click Search. If the name appears, click on it, and the rest of the Requestor Information will automatically be populated.

  • Under Request Details, select "Application Access" for Request Type. In the Application Access Detail drop-down, select "LIMS (Labvantage)". Then click "Add Application Access".
  • In the Comments section, provide the Principal Investigator name. Optionally, provide the default chartfield per core for the new user (also in the Comments section). This is to assign you to a billing project. Your PI, PI-proxy or department administrator can complete this step for you.

  • Be sure to fill out any additional required fields before clicking "Submit".



LIMS Supported Web Browsers

Below are the web browsers supported by LIMS:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Chrome 37 or higher
  • Safari 6 (Mac OS only)

A warning message may be shown on your login page if your browser is not supported. 

An important note regarding support for IE 11. Please make sure you do not have IE 11 set in compatibility mode. For IE 11 it seems to default intranet sites to compatibility mode. LIMS is built to run in full IE 11 and not compatibility mode. 


LIMS Training Modules

Additional LIMS How-To Material

  1. General How-To
  2. How-To For Principle Investigators and Lab Managers
  3. How-To For Department Administrators
  4. How-To For Finance