Genome Technology Center (GTC)

Genome Technology Center

The Genome Technology Center (GTC) provides a wide range of services for genome, epigenome, and transcriptome analysis. Our list of state-of-the-art technologies include deep sequencing (next-generation sequencing), arrays and quantitative PCR. We also offer expert advice on the best strategies to achieve research goals in any genomic-related field, and we provide bioinformatic analysis tailored to each individual project. Additionally, if you can supply us with nucleic acids, we can perform every step required to help you achieve your desired results.

The GTC continually acquires and/or evaluates novel technologies in order to better service the research community and provide exceptional support. Please visit our News section to learn more about new or upcoming platforms. To inquire about our capabilities and services, please contact Adriana Heguy, PhD, Director of GTC, or email

Main services:

  • Illumina deep sequencing and sample preparation for a variety of applications including DNA and RNASeq, exome sequencing, targeted capture, ChIPSeq, and many others.
  • Automation of Illumina library and targeted capture preps, including 16s rRNA sequencing.
  • Droplet Digital PCR
  • Nanostring​
  • Single cell RNA and DNA-Seq using the C1 Auto-Prep from Fluidigm
  • For a complete list of Services, visit our Services and Fees page.

Please Note:

  • All Microarray services have been discontinued. Please contact if you need recommendations for Microarray processing.
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Location Medical Science Building (MSB) 303-308
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For bioinformatic analysis, please click here.
The GTC provides full bioinformatics support and advanced bioinformatics analyses for all data.

To access sequencing results, you will need approval from the relevant Principal Investigator and an account from the administrators of the High-Performance Computing Facility. Please ask the P.I. to email indicating approval for your access and stating whether the access will be for one run or all the runs from the lab.