Cytometry and Cell Sorting

Microscopy Core

Flow cytometry is a powerful technology used to measure different aspects of a cell or particles in real time and high throughput. Measurements are acquired optically by using different lasers to detect fluorophores; multi-parameter analysis of up to 18 parameters can be measured. Applications include immunophenotyping, cell cycle, intracellular fluorophore detection (ex GFP, RFP), among many others. These assays can utilize cell sorting technology, which physically isolates populations of interest for downstream applications including cell culture, RNA/microarray analysis, single cell cloning, and many more. Sorting of viable biohazardous material can be accommodated in our BSL2 or BSL3 laboratories. Flow cytometry is adaptable and can be tailored to your particular inquiry; contact the core staff to discuss if this technology is the best choice for your research needs.


There is a Nexcelom Cellometer cell counter available in the Skirball core facility. This can be used to count, visually size cells and learn about the viability of your samples. Feel free to set aside an aliquot of your sorting material to take a look, we only need 10ul!

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