Analytical Chemistry Core: Services

Metals Analysis Laboratory

Atomic Absorption (AA) Laboratory

The atomic absorption laboratory provides a state-of-the-art computerized Solaar (Model M6) for flame atomization to perform ppm AA analysis and a graphite furnace atomizer (Model GF95) for ppb AA analysis with an 80-position autosampler (Model FS95).

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Laboratory

The X-ray fluorescence laboratory provides a WAG secondary target x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (Model EX6600-AF, Jordan Valley)

Sample Preparation Cleanroom

Class 1000 (less than 1000 particles per ft3 greater than 0.5 um in diameter) cleanroom for use as an AA sample preparation laboratory for trace metals analysis.

HPLC Laboratory

The Waters Breeze HPLC system is composed of: binary pump (Waters 1525) dual Wavelength UV/Visible Absorbance detector (Waters 2487) fluorescence detector (Waters 2475) autosampler (Waters 717 plus).

Instrumentation Services Laboratory

The instrumentation services laboratory provides a specialized machine shop with appropriate tools (e.g., lathes, drill presses, band saw, table saw, radial arm saw, and milling machines) calibration devices (oscilloscopes, air flow meters, liquid flow meters, and pressure measuring devices) and supplies for instrument calibration, maintenance and device fabrication.