Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Announced


Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce the new Institute for Innovations in Medical Education (IIME) at NYU School of Medicine and the appointment of Marc Triola, MD, associate professor of medicine and associate dean for educational informatics, as the inaugural director. Comprised of a multidisciplinary team of educators, informaticians, and other innovators, the goal of the IIME is to conceive new ways to combine advances in educational strategies with new informatics solutions. Crystal Mainiero will serve as IIME’s executive director.

In recent decades, scientific knowledge has expanded rapidly, complexities in the delivery of care have grown, and the role of the physician has evolved. Committed to being a world-class leader in medical education, NYU School of Medicine was one of the first medical schools in the country to respond to these driving forces by modernizing medical education through the development of the Curriculum for the 21st Century (C21). One of the central tenets of C21 is to promote individualized learning pathways and student differentiations, such as the new three-year medical degree, and to seamlessly integrate the basic and clinical sciences into bedside practice throughout medical school. C21 also encourages the use of technology and informatics to enhance the teaching, learning, and assessment of medical students. In fact, many groundbreaking tools were developed by the Division of Educational Informatics (DEI) that have significantly impacted NYU School of Medicine—and the greater public at large—including the virtual microscope, the educational data warehouse, and the BioDigital Human, a pioneering online 3D interactive virtual human body.

The creation of the IIME allows for NYULMC’s continued strategic focus on addressing the challenges of medical education. By collaborating with the Offices of Medical Education, Graduate Medical Education, Continuing Medical Education, and Graduate Biomedical Sciences, the IIME will support initiatives in curricular innovation and create new tools to assess our students and the effectiveness of our educational programs. The IIME will oversee both the DEI, directed by Sabrina Lee, MPA, and a newly established Division of Education Quality and Analytics (DEQA), directed by Martin Pusic, MD, PhD, assistant professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics. DEQA concentrates on novel methods of assessing and evaluating competencies and milestones achieved by educational programs, students, house staff, and practicing physicians at every level of NYULMC.

One major focus of the IIME is personalized medical education for each learner. A dynamic learning environment will be developed that supports educators’ and trainees’ needs at every level. To accomplish this, IIME will apply the science of learning analytics to customize the educational experience for each individual student, resident, and practicing physician in a way that is tailored to their unique strengths, weaknesses, interests, and experiences. The use of “big data” (large data sets obtained through Epic, our electronic health record system) has already transformed our research and clinical endeavors and can also improve the skills of teachers, the performance of students, and ultimately the health of our patients. The IIME will also further integrate education programs with the clinical mission of NYULMC, providing a framework in which learners at every level develop into expert physicians. To do so, IIME will embark on initiatives that use data from Epic to create patient-centered education, develop educational methods to give the next generation of physicians skills in information and system management, and identify patient outcomes that can be used to monitor the impact of the curriculum.

Additionally, in 2014 the IIME plans to launch a Faculty Development Program that will work with the education leadership in academic departments to cultivate the next generation of teaching faculty focused on educational innovation. To build community among medical educators, the program will provide faculty development workshops, sessions on course and program design, and promote the scholarship of teaching and learning. The program will also house a new IIME Academy that will recognize and reward outstanding teachers, and promote programs in educational leadership and scholarship.

We hope you share our excitement about this new commitment to our education mission and the potential benefits across NYULMC.  We are confident that the IIME will further strengthen the School of Medicine’s position at the forefront of transformative innovations in medical education.

Best regards,

Robert I. Grossman, MD
Dean & CEO

Steven B. Abramson, MD
Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for Education, Faculty and Academic Affairs
Chair, Department of Medicine

Thursday, November 7, 2013