Stuart Katz, MD

Medicine (Cardiology) – Steering Committee, Primary Mentor

The major scientific focus of the Katz laboratory is patient-oriented research in human physiology and pharmacology. Numerous techniques for assessment of vascular physiology and nitric oxide metabolism have been developed in the laboratory to explore the role causes and consequences of vascular dysregulation in heart failure and other disease states. In addition to ongoing investigations in heart failure populations, Dr. Katz is pursuing clinical investigations on the role of iron metabolism in pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, and the cytoprotective role of erythropoietin in acute coronary syndromes. The panel of non-invasive techniques for assessment of vascular physiology developed in the laboratory (high-resolution vascular ultrasound, venous occlusion plethysmography, arterial pulse contour and pulse velocity analysis, exhaled nitric oxide production, stable isotopes for assessment of nitric oxide metabolism) has also led to collaborations with other patient-oriented investigators with backgrounds in psychiatry, obstretrics and gynecology, environmental medicine, occupational medicine, pediatric and adult endocrinology, and sleep medicine, and translational collaborations with basic investigators in vascular biology. In addition to his extensive experience in the conduct of patient-oriented research, Dr. Katz holds a K24 midcareer award in patient-oriented research and has a strong track record in mentoring young investigators with a diverse array of educational and ethnic backgrounds.