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Leonardo Trasande

Associate Professor;
Departments of Pediatrics (BV-Ambulatory), Environmental Medicine and Population Health (Admin)

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227 East 30th St
Floor 7 Room 109
New York, NY


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1994-1999 — Harvard Medical School, Medical Education
1997-1999 — Harvard JFK School of Government, Graduate Education
1999-2002 — Boston Combined Residency in Pediatrics, Residency
2002-2003 — Children's Hospital Boston, Clinical Fellowships
2003-2005 — Mount Sinai Hospital, Clinical Fellowships

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Research Summary

I am PI of a recently awarded R01 (ES022972) studying prenatal and childhood phthalate and bisphenol A exposures in a large Dutch birth cohort (Generation R) to examine obesity and cardiovascular risks. I am also PI of another R01 in which I am studying the effect of these dietary contaminants (DK100307) in children with chronic kidney disease, with the hypothesis that these exposures create oxidant stress and accelerate disease progression. I am also PI of a study (U01OH010394) comparing cardiometabolic and respiratory profiles of children exposed to the World Trade Center disaster to a matched comparison group. This study emerged from clinical experience documenting a substantially high prevalence of children with elevated blood pressure in a clinically referred sample of children exposed to the disaster and elevations in adverse cardiometabolic profiles in relationship to exposure to dust exposures.

Research Interests

Dr. Trasande is a faculty member in pediatrics and environmental medicine at the NYU School of Medicine, in health policy at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service, and in public health at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. Dr. Trasande's research focuses on identifying the role of environmental exposures in childhood obesity and cardiovascular risks, and documenting the economic costs for policy makers of failing to prevent diseases of environmental origin in children proactively. Dr. Trasande is perhaps best known for a 2012 Journal of the American Medical Association study associating Bisphenol A exposure in children and adolescents with obesity, and a 2011 study in Health Affairs which found that children's exposures to chemicals in the environment cost $76.6 billion in 2008. His analysis of the economic costs of mercury pollution played a critical role in preventing the Clear Skies Act (which would have relaxed regulations on emissions from coal-fired power plants) from becoming law. He has also published a series of studies which document increases in hospitalizations associated with childhood obesity and increases in medical expenditures associated with being obese or overweight in childhood. These studies have been cited in the Presidential Task Force Report in Childhood Obesity, and another landmark study identified that a $2 billion annual investment in prevention would be cost-effective even if it produced small reductions in the number of children who were obese and overweight. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Council for Environmental Health of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee for the World Trade Center Health Program. He recently served on a United Nations Environment Programme Steering Committee which published a Global Outlook on Chemicals in 2013 (www.-unep.-org/-hazardoussubstan-ces/-Portals/-9/-Mainstreaming/-GCO/-The Global Chemi-cal Outlook_Full- report_15Feb201-3.-pdf), and on the Board of Scientific Counselors for the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Trasande earned a Master's degree in Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. He completed a pediatrics residency at Boston Children's Hospital, a Dyson Foundation Legislative Fellowship in the office of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and a fellowship in environmental pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He has testified before the Senate's Environment and Public Works committee and Democratic Policy Committee. His work has been featured on the CNN documentary Planet in Peril and in National Geographic, and frequently appears on national media, including NBC's Today Show, ABC's Evening News and National Public Radio.

Research Documents

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