Tanya M Spruill

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Tanya M Spruill, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor;
Departments of Population Health (Health & Beh) and Medicine (GIM Div)

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227 East 30th Street
Floor 6 Room 640


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Racial and ethnic disparities in disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
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Are there consequences of labeling patients with prehypertension? An experimental study of effects on blood pressure and quality of life
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Comment on the article by Simsek et al
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Race differences in the physical and psychological impact of hypertension labeling
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Can blood pressure measurements taken in the physician's office avoid the 'white coat' bias?
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Atheroscerlotic heart disease in Bangladeshi immigrants: risk factors and angiographic findings
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Chronic psychosocial stress and hypertension
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Socioeconomic and Psychosocial Factors Mediate Race Differences in Nocturnal Blood Pressure Dipping
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Psychosocial factors in heart surgery: presurgical vulnerability and postsurgical recovery
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The misdiagnosis of hypertension: the role of patient anxiety
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Franz Volhard lecture: should doctors still measure blood pressure? The missing patients with masked hypertension
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Relative utility of home, ambulatory, and office blood pressures in the prediction of end-organ damage
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The impact of perceived hypertension status on anxiety and the white coat effect
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