Daniel K Sodickson

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Daniel Sodickson

Professor, Department of Radiology;Professor, Department of Neuroscience Institute

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660 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016



1988-1994 — Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Graduate Education
1992-1996 — Harvard Medical School, Medical Education

Research Interests

My research is primarily addressed at the development of new techniques for biomedical imaging. The broad aim of this work is to see what has previously been invisible in order to improve human health. One particular area of interest is ?parallel MRI?: the use of radiofrequency (RF) coil arrays to acquire MRI data in parallel rather than in a traditional sequential fashion, thereby enabling imaging at previously inaccessible speeds. I have played a leading role in the genesis and subsequent development of this field, and my research group has contributed both to basic development and to multifaceted clinical implementations of parallel imaging techniques and technologies. In recent years, my laboratory has also begun to explore other uses for RF coil arrays including a) the use of multiple radiofrequency transmitters to tailor MR signal excitation, and b) potential new modalities for imaging of tissue electrical properties which have previously eluded accurate noninvasive mapping. My colleagues and I are actively engaged in the development of new rapid imaging techniques using nonlinear image reconstruction algorithms such as compressed sensing. For example, we are combining compressed sensing with parallel imaging in the pursuit of a few-minute comprehensive cardiac MR examination, which would enable rapid assessments of cardiovascular health with rich information content and extremely simple workflow. Both personally and in my capacity as Director of the Bernard and Irene Schwartz Center for Biomedical Imaging at NYU, I have a strong interest in MR imaging and spectroscopy at high magnetic field strengths. Much of my current research seeks to meet the challenges and realize the promise of ultra-high-field MR, through the development of novel detector and transmitter designs as well as through the generation of new image contrast. As Vice-Chair for Research in the Department of Radiology, I have also overseen the development of a new translational imaging research program, one cornerstone of which will be a new combined MR-PET scanner to be installed at our Center for Biomedical Imaging in 2012. Consequently, multimodality imaging will serve as the focus of new personal and institutional research directions in the future.

Accelerated and motion-robust in vivo T mapping from radially undersampled data using bloch-simulation-based iterative reconstruction
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Respiratory Motion-Resolved Compressed Sensing Reconstruction of Free-Breathing Radial Acquisition for Dynamic Liver Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chandarana, Hersh; Feng, Li; Ream, Justin; Wang, Annie; Babb, James S; Block, Kai Tobias; Sodickson, Daniel K; Otazo, Ricardo
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Radiofrequency energy deposition and radiofrequency power requirements in parallel transmission with increasing distance from the coil to the sample
Deniz, Cem M; Vaidya, Manushka V; Sodickson, Daniel K; Lattanzi, Riccardo
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XD-GRASP: Golden-angle radial MRI with reconstruction of extra motion-state dimensions using compressed sensing
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Influence of temporal regularization and radial undersampling factor on compressed sensing reconstruction in dynamic contrast enhanced MRI of the breast
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