Elliot D Rosenstein

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Elliot Rosenstein

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

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1978-1982 — NYU/Bellevue, Residency
1982-1984 — NYU/Bellevue, Clinical Fellowships

Research Interests

periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis; RA and lymphoproliferative diseases

Alopecia areata universalis complicating daclizumab therapy for uveitis
Rosenstein, Adam K; Machler, Brian C; Rosenstein, Elliot D
2014-06-06; 0011-4162,Cutis - id: 1031092, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Hypereosinophilia and seroconversion of rheumatoid arthritis
Rosenstein, Rachel K; Panush, Richard S; Kramer, Neil; Rosenstein, Elliot D
2014-10-20; 0770-3198,Clinical rheumatology - id: 1310532, year: 2014 Journal Article

Corticosteroid-induced neuropsychiatric disorders: review and contrast with neuropsychiatric lupus
Bhangle, Samir D; Kramer, Neil; Rosenstein, Elliot D
2014-03-08; 0172-8172,Rheumatology international - id: 828452, year: 2013 Journal Article; Review

Renal lymphoma: unusual lymphoproliferative manifestation of Sjogren's syndrome
Patel, Sheetal; Kramer, Neil; Cohen, Alice J; Rosenstein, Elliot D
2014-03-08; 0315-162x,Journal of rheumatology - id: 828502, year: 2013 Case Reports; Letter

Etanercept therapy for psoriatic arthritis in the presence of recurrent non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Pai, Sneha; Rosenstein, Elliot D; Kramer, Neil
2014-03-08; 1076-1608,Journal of clinical rheumatology. JCR - id: 828602, year: 2012 Case Reports; Journal Article