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John Ross Rizzo

Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine;Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology
Rehabilitation Medicine

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240 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016


Rehabilitation essential in the recovery of multifactorial subacute combined degeneration
Chin, Joseph; Forzani, Brian; Chowdhury, Nayeema; Lombardo, Sergio; Rizzo, John-Ross; Ragucci, Mark
2015-06-28; 1877-0665,Annals of physical & rehabilitation medicine - id: 1640222, year: 2015 Letter

Feasibility of a Cost-Effective, Video Analysis Software-Based Mobility Protocol for Objective Spine Kinematics and Gait Metrics: A Proof of Concept Study
Paul, Justin C; Petrizzo, Anthony; Rizzo, John-Ross; Bianco, Kristina; Maier, Stephen; Errico, Thomas J; Lafage, Virginie
2015-01-04; 1934-1482,PM&R - id: 1419762, year: 2014 EDITORIAL

The effects of emotionally charged auditory stimulation on gait performance in the elderly: a preliminary study
Rizzo, John-Ross; Raghavan, Preeti; McCrery, J R; Oh-Park, Mooyeon; Verghese, Joe
2015-01-04; 0003-9993,Archives of physical medicine & rehabilitation - id: 1419712, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Stroke rehabilitation
Ahn, Jung; Rizzo, John-Ross; Rojas, Ana-Marie
2013-10-30; , - id: 590932, year: 2013

Medical acupuncture
Babeendran, Shan; Rizzo, John-Ross; Moroz, Alex
2014-07-11; , - id: 1068962, year: 2013