Ramin Asgary

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Ramin Asgary, M.D., M.P.H.

Clinical Assistant Professor;
Departments of Population Health (Health & Beh) and Medicine (Medicine)

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2000-2003 — Columbia University, Masters of Public Health, Graduate Education
2001-2003 — Montefiore Med Ctr, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Residency
2003-2004 — Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Masters of Community Medicine, Graduate Education
2003-2004 — Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Clinical Fellowships
2004 — Johns Hopkin School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine, Graduate Education
2012-2013 — NYU School of Medicine-Masters in Clinical Investigation, Graduate Education
2012-2013 — NYU School of Medicine-Certificate in Comparative Effectiveness, Graduate Education
2012-2013 — NYU School of Medicine, Graduate Education
2012-2013 — NYU School of Medicine, Primary Care Research, PostDoctoral Training
2012-2013 — NYU School of Medicine, PostDoctoral Training

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Research Interests

Health disparities solutions focusing on access to healthcare among the homeless and immigrants/refugees. Global health research (mixed methods studies) including refugee health and humanitarian assistance, women's health and family planning, cancer screening, management of non-communicable diseases, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS/STDs and stigma, and malaria. Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Global Health Education and Research and Health Care of the Underserved Ethical Challenges in Global Health and Healthcare of the Underserved Health and Human Rights

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All data from NYU Health Sciences Library Faculty Bibliography — -


Community perception, misconception, and discord regarding prevention and treatment of infection with human immunodeficiency virus in addis ababa, ethiopia
Asgary, Ramin; Antony, Sheila; Grigoryan, Zoya; Aronson, Jane
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Colorectal cancer screening among the homeless population of new york city shelter-based clinics
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Breast Cancer Screening Among Homeless Women of New York City Shelter-Based Clinics
Asgary, Ramin; Garland, Victoria; Sckell, Blanca
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On-site comprehensive curriculum to teach reproductive health to female adolescents in kenya
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A call to teach medical students clinical human rights
Asgary, Ramin
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Bring global health and global medicine home
Asgary, Ramin
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Perceived stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV and AIDS in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A qualitative approach
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Systematic review of prevention and management strategies for the consequences of gender-based violence in refugee settings
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Comprehensive On-site Medical and Public Health Training for Local Medical Practitioners in a Refugee Setting
Asgary, Ramin; Jacobson, Karen
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Domestic global health: a curriculum teaching medical students to evaluate refugee asylum seekers and torture survivors
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2013 ;25(4):348-357, Teaching & learning in medicine
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Ethical and professional considerations providing medical evaluation and care to refugee asylum seekers
Asgary, Ramin; Smith, Clyde L
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Teaching immigrant and refugee health to residents: domestic global health
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Socio-Medical Challenges of Asylum Seekers Prior and After Coming to the US
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2012 Jul;:961-968, Journal of immigrant & minority health
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Hypertension, pre-hypertension, and associated risk factors in a subsistent farmer community in remote rural central India
Asgary, Ramin; Galson, Sophie; Shankar, Hari; O'Brien, Caitlin; Arole, Shobha
2012 September;:-?, Zeitschrift fur Gesundheitswissenschaften = Journal of public health
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Lack of patient risk counselling and a broader provider training affect malaria control in remote Somalia Kenya border: Qualitative assessment
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New trends of short-term humanitarian medical volunteerism: professional and ethical considerations
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Global health training starts at home: a unique US-based global health clinical elective for residents
Asgary, Ramin; Price, Joan; Ripp, Jonathan
2012 ;34(6):e445-e451, Medical teacher
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The response of academic medical centers to the 2010 Haiti earthquake: the Mount Sinai School of Medicine experience
Ripp, Jonathan A; Bork, Jacqueline; Koncicki, Holly; Asgary, Ramin
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Communicable and non-communicable diseases among recent immigrants with implications for primary care; a comprehensive immigrant health approach
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Barriers to health care access among refugee asylum seekers
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Women's health disparities in Honduras: indicators and determinants
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Routine opt-out HIV testing in an urban community health center
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Teaching residents to work with torture survivors: experiences from the Bronx Human Rights Clinic
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Evaluating asylum seekers/torture survivors in urban primary care: a collaborative approach at the Bronx Human Rights Clinic
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