Iman Osman

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Iman Osman

Professor, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology;Professor, Department of Medicine;Professor, Department of Urology

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522 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016



1988-1991 — National Cancer Institute (Egypt): Fellowship in Medical Oncology, Clinical Fellowships
1994-1997 — Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: Fellowship in Molecular Pathology, Clinical Fellowships
1997-1999 — Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: Fellowship in Oncology Clinical Research, Clinical Fellowships

Research Interests

Melanoma, Racial Disparity in Genitourinary Oncology

Identification of Metastasis-Suppressive microRNAs in Primary Melanoma
Hanniford, Doug; Segura, Miguel F; Zhong, Judy; Philips, Elliot; Jirau-Serrano, Xavier; Darvishian, Farbod; Berman, Russell S; Shapiro, Richard L; Pavlick, Anna C; Brown, Brian; Osman, Iman; Hernando, Eva
2015-02-15; 0027-8874,Journal of the National Cancer Institute - id: 1461902, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Serum-based miRNAs in the prediction and detection of recurrence in melanoma patients
Fleming, Nathaniel H; Zhong, Judy; da Silva, Ines Pires; Vega-Saenz de Miera, Eleazar; Brady, Bobbi; Han, Sung Won; Hanniford, Doug; Wang, Jinhua; Shapiro, Richard L; Hernando, Eva; Osman, Iman
2015-02-03; 0008-543x,Cancer - id: 1449312, year: 2015 Journal Article

Genetic associations of the interleukin locus at 1q32.1 with clinical outcomes of cutaneous melanoma
Rendleman, Justin; Vogelsang, Matjaz; Bapodra, Anuj; Adaniel, Christina; Silva, Ines; Moogk, Duane; Martinez, Carlos N; Fleming, Nathaniel; Shields, Jerry; Shapiro, Richard; Berman, Russell; Pavlick, Anna; Polsky, David; Shao, Yongzhao; Osman, Iman; Krogsgaard, Michelle; Kirchhoff, Tomas
2015-01-26; 0022-2593,Journal of medical genetics - id: 1440102, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Reversal of natural killer cell exhaustion by TIM-3 blockade
Gallois, Anne; Silva, Ines; Osman, Iman; Bhardwaj, Nina
2015-01-29; 2162-402x,Oncoimmunology - id: 1444192, year: 2014

Analysis of recurrence patterns in acral versus nonacral melanoma: should histologic subtype influence treatment guidelines?
Gumaste, Priyanka V; Fleming, Nathaniel H; Silva, Ines; Shapiro, Richard L; Berman, Russell S; Zhong, Judy; Osman, Iman; Stein, Jennifer A
2015-01-07; 1540-1405,Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network : JNCCN - id: 1424152, year: 2014 Journal Article