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Dmitry Novikov

Assistant Professor;
Department of Radiology (CBI)

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The Presence and Role of Iron in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: An Imaging Perspective
Nisenbaum, Eric J; Novikov, Dmitry S; Lui, Yvonne W
2014 Jan;:301-307, Journal of neurotrauma
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Revealing mesoscopic structural universality with diffusion
Novikov, Dmitry S; Jensen, Jens H; Helpern, Joseph A; Fieremans, Els
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MesoFT: unifying diffusion modelling and fiber tracking
Reisert, Marco; Kiselev, V G; Dihtal, Bibek; Kellner, Elias; Novikov, D S
2014 ;17(Pt 3):201-208, Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv
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Time-dependent diffusion in skeletal muscle with the random permeable barrier model (RPBM): application to normal controls and chronic exertional compartment syndrome patients
Sigmund, Eric E; Novikov, Dmitry S; Sui, Dabang; Ukpebor, Obehi; Baete, Steven; Babb, James S; Liu, Kecheng; Feiweier, Thorsten; Kwon, Jane; McGorty, Kellyanne; Bencardino, Jenny; Fieremans, Els
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Non-invasive, in vivo monitoring of neuronal transport impairment in a mouse model of tauopathy using MEMRI
Bertrand, Anne; Khan, Umer; Hoang, Dung M; Novikov, Dmitry S; Krishnamurthy, Pavan; Rajamohamed Sait, Hameetha B; Little, Benjamin W; Sigurdsson, Einar M; Wadghiri, Youssef Z
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Novel White Matter Tract Integrity Metrics Sensitive to Alzheimer Disease Progression
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Comment on "Magnetic resonance imaging by synergistic diffusion-diffraction patterns"
Kiselev, Valerij G; Novikov, Dmitry S
2013 Mar;110(10):109801-109801, Physical review letters
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Random walk with barriers
Novikov DS; Fieremans E; Jensen JH; Helpern JA
2011 Jun 1;7(6):508-514, Nature physics
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Surface-to-volume ratio with oscillating gradients
Novikov, Dmitry S; Kiselev, Valerij G
2011 May;210(1):141-145, Journal of magnetic resonance
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Collective fluorescence enhancement in nanoparticle clusters
Wang, Siying; Querner, Claudia; Dadosh, Tali; Crouch, Catherine H; Novikov, Dmitry S; Drndic, Marija
2011 ;2:364-364, Nature communications
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Monte Carlo study of a two-compartment exchange model of diffusion
Fieremans, Els; Novikov, Dmitry S; Jensen, Jens H; Helpern, Joseph A
2010 Aug;23(7):711-724, NMR in biomedicine
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Effective medium theory of a diffusion-weighted signal
Novikov, Dmitry S; Kiselev, Valerij G
2010 Aug;23(7):682-697, NMR in biomedicine
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Mott insulating state in ultraclean carbon nanotubes
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Blinking statistics correlated with nanoparticle number
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Devil's staircase of incompressible electron states in a nanotube
Novikov, Dmitry S
2005 Aug 5;95(6):066401-066401, Physical review letters
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Transverse NMR relaxation as a probe of mesoscopic structure
Kiselev, Valerij G; Novikov, Dmitry S
2002 Dec 30;89(27):278101-278101, Physical review letters
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Podocyte-associated molecules in puromycin aminonucleoside nephrosis of the rat
Luimula, Pauliina; Sandstrom, Niclas; Novikov, Dmitry; Holthofer, Harry
2002 Jun;82(6):713-718, Laboratory investigation
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