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Sundar Natarajan

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Research Summary

APPROACHES TO PREVENT CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE The overall goals of Dr. Natarajan's research in cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention are to improve cardiovascular disease risk assessment and to optimize ways to prevent CVD.

He uses several methodological approaches: 1. ANALYSIS OF LARGE POPULATION-BASED DATABASES. He works with national databases to answer questions relevant to preventing cardiovascular disease. By analysis of such large databases, he examined trends in screening, prevalence and treatment of CVD risk factors using the behavioral risk factor surveillance system, compared variations in health care utilization among adults with CVD risk factors using the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, determined the validity of self-report of hypercholesterolemia using the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey III, and evaluated gender differences in CHD mortality in individuals with diabetes using the Framingham data. RECENT RESEARCH ABSTRACTS: Mann DM, Lee JD, Liao Y, Natarajan S, Population Impact of Obesity on Fatal Coronary Heart Disease in US Adults. J Gen Int Med 19 (Suppl 1): 2004 p193. Miller LH, Lipsitz SR, Natarajan S, Ethnic Differences in Glycemic and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Levels in US Adults with Diabetes. J Gen Int Med 19 (Suppl 1): 2004 p150. Lee J, Mann D, Natarajan S, Association of Nutrient Intake and Elevated C-Reactive protein in U.S. Adults. J Gen Int Med 19 (Suppl 1): 2004 p123. Park S, Mann DM, Lipsitz SR, Natarajan S. Gender interactions in risk for congestive heart failure Circulation 2004 109(7):E89-E90.

2. Currently, he is focused on conducting RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS (RCT's) TO EVALUATE BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS. He evaluated the association of transtheoretical stages of change constructs with glycemic control and blood pressure control in low-income patients with CVD risk factors, and is using the transtheoretical framework in other studies. He is conducting a RCT to definitively test the effect of a stage-matched behavioral intervention on treatment adherence and hypertension control in collaboration with experts in behavioral theory. RECENT RESEARCH ABSTRACTS: Natarajan S, Santa Ana E, Nietert P, Magruder KM, A Behavioral Stage-Matched Intervention for Improving Hypertension Control. JGIM, Vol. 19 Suppl. 1 (April) 2004 page 109. The 27th SGIM Annual Meeting, May 2004

Research Interests

Dr. Natarajan's research is targeted at developing approaches to prevent cardiovascular disease using the tools of clinical epidemiology and health services research

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