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Sarah Moore

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

A structured weight management program for obese patients in an urban safety-net hospital center
McMacken, Michelle; Moore, Sarah; Randlett, Diana; Parikh, Lisa
2015-04-10; , - id: 1522462, year: 2014

How to deliver high-quality obesity counseling in primary care using the 5As framework
Schlair, S; Moore, S; McMacken, M; Jay, M
2012-06-04; 1079-6533,Journal of clinical outcomes management - id: 167824, year: 2012

Transmission and accumulation of CTL escape variants drive negative associations between HIV polymorphisms and HLA
Leslie, Alasdair; Kavanagh, Daniel; Honeyborne, Isobella; Pfafferott, Katja; Edwards, Charles; Pillay, Tilly; Hilton, Louise; Thobakgale, Christina; Ramduth, Danni; Draenert, Rika; Le Gall, Sylvie; Luzzi, Graz; Edwards, Anne; Brander, Christian; Sewell, Andrew K; Moore, Sarah; Mullins, James; Moore, Corey; Mallal, Simon; Bhardwaj, Nina; Yusim, Karina; Phillips, Rodney; Klenerman, Paul; Korber, Bette; Kiepiela, Photini; Walker, Bruce; Goulder, Philip
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