Nathaniel R. Landau

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Nathaniel Landau

Professor, Department of Microbiology

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522 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016



— Dr. Landau was a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT in 1986. He was a Fellow of the Cancer Research Institute at the University of California, San Francisco from 1987-1991, PostDoctoral Training
1986 — MIT, Medical Education
1986 — MIT, Graduate Education

Research Summary

Mammalian cells resist virus infections through the collection of mechanisms termed innate or intrinsic immunity. One such mechanism consists of a family of cytidine deaminases termed APOBEC3. These enzymes serve as mutators that destroy the genetic material of viruses such as HIV. HIV encodes a protein of its own, termed virion infectivity factor (Vif), that binds to APOBEC3 causing its degradation. We have focused on the mechanism by which APOBEC3 and Vif function and the species specificity of the interaction. We are also developing methods to identify small molecule inhibitors that disrupt the interaction. HIV encodes a second protein, viral protein R (VPR), that is involved in inducing the degradation of several host cell proteins and that may be a second means by which HIV counteracts intrinsic immunity. Vpr binds to a chromatin-associated E3 ubiquitin ligase consisting of DDB1/CUL4A/ROC1 through the DDB1 Cullin associated factor 1 (DCAF1). The complex degrades several host proteins. We are investigating the role of this complex in HIV replication and pathogenesis and how the Vpr controls affects its function.

Research Interests

HIV virion infectivity factor (VIF) HIV viral protein R (VPR) HIV accessory proteins resistance to HIV infection

Degradation of SAMHD1 by Vpx Is Independent of Uncoating
Jauregui, Paula; Logue, Eric C; Schultz, Megan L; Fung, Stephanie; Landau, Nathaniel R
2015-04-27; 1098-5514,Journal of virology - id: 1544052, year: 2015 Journal Article

Vpx-containing dendritic cell vaccine induces CTLs and reactivates latent HIV-1 in vitro
Norton, T D; Miller, E A; Bhardwaj, N; Landau, N R
2015-03-16; 0969-7128,Gene therapy - id: 1495522, year: 2015 Journal Article

Intrinsic host restrictions to HIV-1 and mechanisms of viral escape
Simon, Viviana; Bloch, Nicolin; Landau, Nathaniel R
2015-06-11; 1529-2916,Nature immunology - id: 1620312, year: 2015 REVIEW

Interactions with DCAF1 and DDB1 in the CRL4 E3 ubiquitin ligase are required for Vpr-mediated G2 arrest
Hakata, Yoshiyuki; Miyazawa, Masaaki; Landau, Nathaniel R
2014-06-23; 1743-422x,Virology journal - id: 1042312, year: 2014 Journal Article

Inhibition of Cul4A Neddylation Causes a Reversible Block To SAMHD1-Mediated Restriction of HIV-1
Hofmann, H; Norton, T D; Logue, E C; Schultz, M L; Polsky, S B; Sunseri, N; Landau, N R
2014-10-09; 2161-5861,Topics in antiviral medicine - id: 1291982, year: 2014