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Sharmin Khan, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor;
Departments of Medicine (Medicine) and House Staff (MED SB SP)

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Human placenta-derived adherent cells prevent bone loss, stimulate bone formation, and suppress growth of multiple myeloma in bone
Li, Xin; Ling, Wen; Pennisi, Angela; Wang, Yuping; Khan, Sharmin; Heidaran, Mohammad; Pal, Ajai; Zhang, Xiaokui; He, Shuyang; Zeitlin, Andy; Abbot, Stewart; Faleck, Herbert; Hariri, Robert; Shaughnessy, John D Jr; van Rhee, Frits; Nair, Bijay; Barlogie, Bart; Epstein, Joshua; Yaccoby, Shmuel
2011 Feb;29(2):263-273, Stem cells
— id: 159000, year: 2011, vol: 29, page: 263, stat: Journal Article,

Human Placenta-Derived Adherent Cells Prevent Bone Loss, Stimulate Bone Formation, and Suppress Growth of Multiple Myeloma in Bone
Li, X; Ling, W; Pennisi, A; Wang, Y; Khan, S; Heidaran, M; Pal, A; Zhang, X; He, S; Zeitlin, A; Abbot, S; Faleck, H; Hariri, R; Shaughnessy, JD Jr; van, Rhee F; Nair, B; Barlogie, B; Epstein, J; Yaccoby, S
2010 Nov;:138-154, Stem cells
— id: 158993, year: 2010, vol: , page: 138, stat: Journal Article,

Consequences of daily administered parathyroid hormone on myeloma growth, bone disease, and molecular profiling of whole myelomatous bone
Pennisi, Angela; Ling, Wen; Li, Xin; Khan, Sharmin; Wang, Yuping; Barlogie, Bart; Shaughnessy, John D Jr; Yaccoby, Shmuel
2010 ;5(12):e15233-e15233 e15233, PLoS one
— id: 158994, year: 2010, vol: 5, page: e15233, stat: Journal Article,

Fenretinide inhibits myeloma cell growth, osteoclastogenesis and osteoclast viability
Li, Xin; Ling, Wen; Pennisi, Angela; Khan, Sharmin; Yaccoby, Shmuel
2009 Nov;284(2):175-181, Cancer letters
— id: 158987, year: 2009, vol: 284, page: 175, stat: Journal Article,

Inhibitor of DASH proteases affects expression of adhesion molecules in osteoclasts and reduces myeloma growth and bone disease
Pennisi, Angela; Li, Xin; Ling, Wen; Khan, Sharmin; Gaddy, Dana; Suva, Larry J; Barlogie, Bart; Shaughnessy, John D; Aziz, Nazneen; Yaccoby, Shmuel
2009 Jun;145(6):775-787, British journal of haematology
— id: 158986, year: 2009, vol: 145, page: 775, stat: Journal Article,

The proteasome inhibitor, bortezomib suppresses primary myeloma and stimulates bone formation in myelomatous and nonmyelomatous bones in vivo
Pennisi, Angela; Li, Xin; Ling, Wen; Khan, Sharmin; Zangari, Maurizio; Yaccoby, Shmuel
2009 Jan;84(1):6-14, American journal of hematology
— id: 158984, year: 2009, vol: 84, page: 6, stat: Journal Article,

The ephrinB2/EphB4 axis is dysregulated in osteoprogenitors from myeloma patients and its activation affects myeloma bone disease and tumor growth
Pennisi, Angela; Ling, Wen; Li, Xin; Khan, Sharmin; Shaughnessy, John D Jr; Barlogie, Bart; Yaccoby, Shmuel
2009 Aug;114(9):1803-1812, Blood
— id: 158989, year: 2009, vol: 114, page: 1803, stat: Journal Article,