Chunyuan Jin

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Chunyuan Jin, M.D., D.Phil.

Assistant Professor;
Departments of Environmental Medicine and Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

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57 Old Forge Road Floor 2 Room 274A
Sterling Forest
Tuxedo, NY 10987


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Research Summary

In eukaryotic cells, DNA is packaged into a DNA-protein complex called chromatin. The fundamental subunit of chromatin is the nucleosome core particle, which consists of 147 base pairs of DNA wrapped around a histone octamer. Chromatin structure regulates the access of regulatory factors to the genomic DNA and thus exerts a profound control over most DNA-templated processes such as transcription, DNA repair and replication. Elucidating the interaction between chromatin structure and these nuclear processes is critical for understanding of development and human disease. Chromatin structure can be altered by several epigenetic mechanisms including DNA methylation, post-translational histone modifications, and the assembly of variant histones into chromatin. Our research focuses on how epigenetic mechanisms, in particular the incorporation of histone variants into nucleosome, modulate chromatin structure and gene expression. Another focus in our laboratory involves understanding the mechanisms of both assembly/disassembly and replication of nucleosomes containing histone variant(s). We are also interested in the mechanisms by which environmental factors influence epigenetic profiles of normal cells and contribute to carcinogenesis.

Research Interests

Chromatin structure, epigenetic mechanisms, histone variants, gene expression, carcinogenesis

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