Robert I. Grossman

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Robert Grossman

Professor, Department of Radiology;Professor, Department of Neurology;Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology;Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
Dean+CEO Office
Dean of the School of Medicine NYU Radiology Associates

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— Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Residency Training
— Beth Israel Hospital Boston, MA, Internship
— Massachusetts General Hospital, Clinical Fellowships
— University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Medical Education

Research Summary

Dr. Grossman is presently the Principal Investigator of 2 NIH funded research grants and in 1999, he was awarded the Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award by the NIH for his work on multiple sclerosis. He was a charter member and Chairman of the Diagnostic Radiology Study Section at the NIH and in 2003 he was appointed to the Council of the National Institute of Bioengineering and Biomedical Imaging at the NIH. In 2004, Dr. Grossman received an award for Outstanding Contributions in Research from the Neuroradiology Education and Research Foundation.

Non-Gaussian diffusion MRI of gray matter is associated with cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
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2015-06-08; 1477-0970,Multiple sclerosis - id: 1616022, year: 2015 Journal Article

Longitudinal study of venous oxygenation in multiple sclerosis with advanced MRI
Ge, Y; Chawla, S; Brisset, J -C; Lu, H; Storey, P; Sadowski, M; Grossman, R I
2015-11-19; 1352-4585,Multiple sclerosis - id: 1840052, year: 2015

Assessment of whole brain blood flow changes in multiple sclerosis: Phase contrast MRI versus ASL
Ge, Y; Marshall, O; Kister, I; Lu, H; Sadowski, M; Grossman, R I
2015-11-19; 1352-4585,Multiple sclerosis - id: 1839972, year: 2015

Disrupted blood flow modulation in functional brain networks in multiple sclerosis measured with hypercapnia MRI
Ge, Y; Marshall, O; Pape, L; Lu, H; Kister, I; Grossman, R I
2015-11-19; 1352-4585,Multiple sclerosis - id: 1840062, year: 2015

N-acetyl-aspartate levels correlate with intra-axonal compartment parameters from diffusion MRI
Grossman, Elan J; Kirov, Ivan I; Gonen, Oded; Novikov, Dmitry S; Davitz, Matthew S; Lui, Yvonne W; Grossman, Robert I; Inglese, Matilde; Fieremans, Els
2015-06-07; 1095-9572,Neuroimage - id: 1615472, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE