Marc N Gourevitch

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Marc Gourevitch

Muriel G. and George W. Singer Professor of Population Health, Department of Population Health;Professor, Department of Medicine;Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Population Health

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227 East 30th Street
New York, NY 10016


Research Interests

Dr. Gourevitch's research interests center on health service utilization, medication adherence, and clinical epidemiology among drug users and other underserved populations; pharmacologic treatments for opioid dependence; and effective strategies for fostering behavior change among patients and clinicians. After an earlier focus on the clinical manifestations and response to treatment of syphilis and tuberculosis infection among drug users with and without HIV infection, Dr. Gourevitch's research has concentrated on the broad theme of how most effectively to meet drug users' diverse and complex needs for medical care. In addition, he is Principal Investigator on a CDC-funded training grant to prepare physicians for research careers at the interface of medicine and public health.

An intervention to improve hospital care delivered on weekends
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Opioid treatment at release from jail using extended-release naltrexone: a pilot proof-of-concept randomized effectiveness trial
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Validation of the substance use brief screen in primary care
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A brief patient self-administered substance use screening tool for primary care: two-site validation study of the Substance Use Brief Screen (SUBS)
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