Roberta M. Goldring

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Roberta Goldring

Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine;Prof Emerita of Medicine, Department of Medicine

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016



— Dr. Goldring finished her Medical Residency in 1956 at the NYU Medical Center, Residency

Research Summary

The Pulmonary Physiology Laboratory, directed by Roberta Goldring, M.D., is a fully equipped modern laboratory organized to do both clinical testing and physiologic studies.

The laboratory has conducted clinical trials of novel drugs, studied efficacy of treatments, and has been involved in the development of medical devices and computer software. Current studies involve evaluative novel therapeutic approaches for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, occupational diseases, and interstitial lung disease, as well as patients with obstructive sleep apnea and/or alveolar hyperventilation syndromes, which are of special interest.

The laboratory has available all standard techniques needed to study:

Pulmonary mechanics including lung volumes, spirometry, diffusion, uniformity of distribution and inspired air and static lung compliance.

Airway mechanics including maximum inspiratory flow volume loop analysis.

Response to bronchodilator therapy, methacholine challenge.

Evaluation of small airways function: sing breath N2 test, helium-air flow

volume loop analysis, frequency dependence on compliance.

Exercise: pulmonary stress testing.

Ventilatory control CO2 response, occlusion pressure and hypoxic testing.

Gas exchange: measurement of ventilation, dead space and arterial blood

gas analysis.


Research Interests

Pulmonary Physiology and Sleep Disorders

Pathophysiology of hypoventilation during sleep
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Airway dysfunction in obesity: response to voluntary restoration of end expiratory lung volume
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Enrichment of lung microbiome with supraglotic microbes is associated with increased pulmonary inflammation
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