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Brian Elbel

Associate Professor, Department of Population Health;Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
Population Health

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227 East 30th Street
New York, NY 10016



2007 — Yale University, Graduate Education

Research Interests

Brian Elbel, PhD, MPH, is an Associate Professor of Population Health and Health Policy at the NYU School of Medicine, where he heads the Section on Health Choice, Policy and Evaluation within the Department of Population Health, and the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, where he is the Director of the Doctoral Program. Dr. Elbel studies how individuals make decisions that influence their health and healthcare, with a particular emphasis on evaluation, obesity and food choice. His work uses behavioral economics to understand health and healthcare decision-making among vulnerable groups, and the role and influence of public policy on these decisions. Current research includes how to use behavioral economics to influence physicians? prescribing practices; the impact of public policies mandating calorie labeling in restaurants; influence of NYC?s policy limiting the size of sugar sweetened beverages at food service establishments; and the impact of policies supporting the development of supermarkets in high need areas; among others.

A water availability intervention in new york city public schools: influence on youths' water and milk behaviors
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Dietary Variety Is Inversely Associated with Body Adiposity among US Adults Using a Novel Food Diversity Index
Vadiveloo, Maya; Dixon, L Beth; Mijanovich, Tod; Elbel, Brian; Parekh, Niyati
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Who reports noticing and using calorie information posted on fast food restaurant menus?
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Baby carrots: Chew on this
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