Brian David Dynlacht

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Brian David Dynlacht, Ph.D.

Professor; Scientific Director -Genomics Facility
Department of Pathology

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522 First Avenue
Floor 11 Room 1104
Smilow Research Building
New York, NY 10016


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— Harvard Medical School, PostDoctoral Training
— University of California, Berkeley, Graduate Education
1992 — Univ of Calif Berkeley, Medical Education

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A Role for H3K4 Monomethylation in Gene Repression and Partitioning of Chromatin Readers
Cheng, Jemmie; Blum, Roy; Bowman, Christopher; Hu, Deqing; Shilatifard, Ali; Shen, Steven; Dynlacht, Brian D
2014 Mar;53(6):979-992, Molecular cell
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Primary cilia control hedgehog signaling during muscle differentiation and are deregulated in rhabdomyosarcoma
Fu, Wenxiang; Asp, Patrik; Canter, Brian; Dynlacht, Brian David
2014 Jun;:110-120, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
— id: 1033962, year: 2014, vol: , page: 110, stat: Journal Article,

The CP110-interacting proteins Talpid3 and Cep290 play overlapping and distinct roles in cilia assembly
Kobayashi, Tetsuo; Kim, Sehyun; Lin, Yu-Chun; Inoue, Takanari; Dynlacht, Brian David
2014 Jan;204(2):215-229, Journal of cell biology
— id: 759852, year: 2014, vol: 204, page: 215, stat: Journal Article,

Cell biology: Short RNAs and shortness of breath
Sanchez, Irma; Dynlacht, Brian D
2014 Jun;510(7503):40-42, Nature
— id: 1061982, year: 2014, vol: 510, page: 40, stat: Journal Article,

The role of MyoD1 and histone modifications in the activation of muscle enhancers
Blum, Roy; Dynlacht, Brian D
2013 Aug;8(8):778-784, Epigenetics
— id: 586192, year: 2013, vol: 8, page: 778, stat: Journal Article,

Centrosomes tune in to metabolic state and turn on to oxygen
Kim, Sehyun; Dynlacht, Brian D
2013 Aug;26(4):325-326, Developmental cell
— id: 519492, year: 2013, vol: 26, page: 325, stat: Journal Article,

Assembling a primary cilium
Kim, Sehyun; Dynlacht, Brian David
2013 Aug;25(4):506-511, Current opinion in cell biology
— id: 463532, year: 2013, vol: 25, page: 506, stat: Journal Article,

USP33 regulates centrosome biogenesis via deubiquitination of the centriolar protein CP110
Li, Ji; D'Angiolella, Vincenzo; Seeley, E Scott; Kim, Sehyun; Kobayashi, Tetsuo; Fu, Wenxiang; Campos, Eric I; Pagano, Michele; Dynlacht, Brian David
2013 Mar;495(7440):255-259, Nature
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Morbid Obesity Resulting from Inactivation of the Ciliary Protein CEP19 in Humans and Mice
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2013 Dec;93(6):1061-1071, American journal of human genetics
— id: 746622, year: 2013, vol: 93, page: 1061, stat: Journal Article,

CP110 and its network of partners coordinately regulate cilia assembly
Tsang, William Y; Dynlacht, Brian D
2013 ;2(1):9-9, Cilia
— id: 760342, year: 2013, vol: 2, page: 9, stat: Journal Article,

Genome-wide identification of enhancers in skeletal muscle: the role of MyoD1
Blum, Roy; Vethantham, Vasupradha; Bowman, Christopher; Rudnicki, Michael; Dynlacht, Brian D
2012 Dec;26(24):2763-2779, Genes & development
— id: 214972, year: 2012, vol: 26, page: 2763, stat: Journal Article,

Centrosome homeostasis is controlled by ubiquitylation and deubiquitylation cycles
Li, J; D'Angiolella, V; Seeley, E; Kobayashi, T; Kim, S; Pagano, M; Dynlacht, B
2012 15 Dec 2012;23(24):-, Molecular biology of the cell
— id: 884432, year: 2012, vol: 23, page: , stat: Journal Article,

Neurl4, a novel daughter centriole protein, prevents formation of ectopic microtubule organizing centres
Li, J; Kim, S; Kobayashi, T; Liang, FX; Korzeniewski, N; Duensing, S; Dynlacht, BD
2012 Mar;:547-553, EMBO reports
— id: 162560, year: 2012, vol: , page: 547, stat: Journal Article,

Regulation of a novel androgen receptor target gene, cyclin B1, through androgen-dependent E2F family member switching
Li, Y; Zhang, DY; Ren, Q; Ye, F; Zhao, X; Daniels, G; Wu, X; Dynlacht, B; Lee, P
2012 Apr;:2454-2466, Molecular & cellular biology
— id: 164476, year: 2012, vol: , page: 2454, stat: Journal Article,

Picking ChIP-seq peak detectors for analyzing chromatin modification experiments
Micsinai, M; Parisi, F; Strino, F; Asp, P; Dynlacht, BD; Kluger, Y
2012 Feb;:e70-e70, Nucleic acids research
— id: 162561, year: 2012, vol: , page: e70, stat: Journal Article,

Dynamic Loss of H2B Ubiquitylation without Corresponding Changes in H3K4 Trimethylation during Myogenic Differentiation
Vethantham, Vasupradha; Yang, Yan; Bowman, Christopher; Asp, Patrik; Lee, Jeong-Heon; Skalnik, David G; Dynlacht, Brian D
2012 Mar;32(6):1044-1055, Molecular & cellular biology
— id: 160249, year: 2012, vol: 32, page: 1044, stat: Journal Article,

PNAS Plus: Genome-wide remodeling of the epigenetic landscape during myogenic differentiation
Asp, Patrik; Blum, Roy; Vethantham, Vasupradha; Parisi, Fabio; Micsinai, Mariann; Cheng, Jemmie; Bowman, Christopher; Kluger, Yuval; Dynlacht, Brian David
2011 May 31;108(22):E149-E158, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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Regulating the transition from centriole to basal body
Kobayashi, Tetsuo; Dynlacht, Brian D
2011 May 2;193(3):435-444, Journal of cell biology
— id: 134200, year: 2011, vol: 193, page: 435, stat: Journal Article,

Centriolar Kinesin Kif24 Interacts with CP110 to Remodel Microtubules and Regulate Ciliogenesis
Kobayashi, Tetsuo; Tsang, William Y; Li, Ji; Lane, William; Dynlacht, Brian David
2011 Jun 10;145(6):914-925, Cell
— id: 134452, year: 2011, vol: 145, page: 914, stat: Journal Article,

SCF(Cyclin F) controls centrosome homeostasis and mitotic fidelity through CP110 degradation
D'Angiolella, Vincenzo; Donato, Valerio; Vijayakumar, Sangeetha; Saraf, Anita; Florens, Laurence; Washburn, Michael P; Dynlacht, Brian; Pagano, Michele
2010 Jul 1;466(7302):138-142, Nature
— id: 110690, year: 2010, vol: 466, page: 138, stat: Journal Article,

Traf7, a MyoD1 transcriptional target, regulates nuclear factor-kappaB activity during myogenesis
Tsikitis, Mary; Acosta-Alvear, Diego; Blais, Alexandre; Campos, Eric I; Lane, William S; Sanchez, Irma; Dynlacht, Brian D
2010 Dec;11(12):969-976, EMBO reports
— id: 114826, year: 2010, vol: 11, page: 969, stat: Journal Article,

The Mammalian sin3 proteins are required for muscle development and sarcomere specification
van Oevelen, Chris; Bowman, Christopher; Pellegrino, Jessica; Asp, Patrik; Cheng, Jemmie; Parisi, Fabio; Micsinai, Mariann; Kluger, Yuval; Chu, Alphonse; Blais, Alexandre; David, Gregory; Dynlacht, Brian D
2010 Dec;30(24):5686-5697, Molecular & cellular biology
— id: 114827, year: 2010, vol: 30, page: 5686, stat: Journal Article,

E2f3b plays an essential role in myogenic differentiation through isoform-specific gene regulation
Asp, Patrik; Acosta-Alvear, Diego; Tsikitis, Mary; van Oevelen, Chris; Dynlacht, Brian David
2009 Jan 1;23(1):37-53, Genes & development
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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring cell death in higher eukaryotes
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2009 Aug;16(8):1093-1107, Cell death & differentiation
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Overly long centrioles and defective cell division upon excess of the SAS-4-related protein CPAP
Kohlmaier, Gregor; Loncarek, Jadranka; Meng, Xing; McEwen, Bruce F; Mogensen, Mette M; Spektor, Alexander; Dynlacht, Brian D; Khodjakov, Alexey; Gonczy, Pierre
2009 Jun;19(12):1012-1018, Current biology. CB
— id: 162562, year: 2009, vol: 19, page: 1012, stat: Journal Article,

Cep76, a centrosomal protein that specifically restrains centriole reduplication
Tsang, William Y; Spektor, Alexander; Vijayakumar, Sangeetha; Bista, Bigyan R; Li, Ji; Sanchez, Irma; Duensing, Stefan; Dynlacht, Brian D
2009 May;16(5):649-660, Developmental cell
— id: 99216, year: 2009, vol: 16, page: 649, stat: Journal Article,

Genome-wide transcriptional analysis of the human cell cycle identifies genes differentially regulated in normal and cancer cells
Bar-Joseph, Ziv; Siegfried, Zahava; Brandeis, Michael; Brors, Benedikt; Lu, Yong; Eils, Roland; Dynlacht, Brian D; Simon, Itamar
2008 Jan 22;105(3):955-960, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
— id: 135315, year: 2008, vol: 105, page: 955, stat: Journal Article,

Live or let die: E2F1 and PI3K pathways intersect to make life or death decisions
Dynlacht, Brian David
2008 Jan;13(1):1-2, Cancer cell
— id: 75774, year: 2008, vol: 13, page: 1, stat: Journal Article,

Identification and characterization of a novel Mdm2 splice variant acutely induced by the chemotherapeutic agents adriamycin and actinomycin D
Lents, Nathan H; Wheeler, Leroy W; Baldassare, Joseph J; Dynlacht, Brian David
2008 Jun 1;7(11):1580-1586, Cell cycle
— id: 96442, year: 2008, vol: 7, page: 1580, stat: Journal Article,

Ezh1 and Ezh2 maintain repressive chromatin through different mechanisms
Margueron, Raphael; Li, Guohong; Sarma, Kavitha; Blais, Alexandre; Zavadil, Jiri; Woodcock, Christopher L; Dynlacht, Brian D; Reinberg, Danny
2008 Nov 21;32(4):503-518, Molecular cell
— id: 91489, year: 2008, vol: 32, page: 503, stat: Journal Article,

CP110 suppresses primary cilia formation through its interaction with CEP290, a protein deficient in human ciliary disease
Tsang, William Y; Bossard, Carine; Khanna, Hemant; Peranen, Johan; Swaroop, Anand; Malhotra, Vivek; Dynlacht, Brian David
2008 Aug;15(2):187-197, Developmental cell
— id: 83106, year: 2008, vol: 15, page: 187, stat: Journal Article,

Double identity of SCAPER: a substrate and regulator of cyclin A/Cdk2
Tsang, William Y; Dynlacht, Brian David
2008 Mar 15;7(6):702-705, Cell cycle
— id: 84017, year: 2008, vol: 7, page: 702, stat: Journal Article,

sSgo1, a guardian of centriole cohesion
Tsang, William Y; Dynlacht, Brian David
2008 Mar;14(3):320-322, Developmental cell
— id: 78023, year: 2008, vol: 14, page: 320, stat: Journal Article,

A role for mammalian Sin3 in permanent gene silencing
van Oevelen, Chris; Wang, Jinhua; Asp, Patrik; Yan, Qin; Kaelin, William G Jr; Kluger, Yuval; Dynlacht, Brian David
2008 Nov 7;32(3):359-370, Molecular cell
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XBP1 controls diverse cell type- and condition-specific transcriptional regulatory networks
Acosta-Alvear, Diego; Zhou, Yiming; Blais, Alexandre; Tsikitis, Mary; Lents, Nathan H; Arias, Carolina; Lennon, Christen J; Kluger, Yuval; Dynlacht, Brian David
2007 Jul 6;27(1):53-66, Molecular cell
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E2F-associated chromatin modifiers and cell cycle control
Blais, Alexandre; Dynlacht, Brian D
2007 Dec;19(6):658-662, Current opinion in cell biology
— id: 162563, year: 2007, vol: 19, page: 658, stat: Journal Article,

Retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein-dependent methylation of histone H3 lysine 27 is associated with irreversible cell cycle exit
Blais, Alexandre; van Oevelen, Chris J C; Margueron, Raphael; Acosta-Alvear, Diego; Dynlacht, Brian David
2007 Dec 31;179(7):1399-1412, Journal of cell biology
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Functional genomics via multiscale analysis: application to gene expression and ChIP-on-chip data
Lerman, Gilad; McQuown, Joseph; Blais, Alexandre; Dynlacht, Brian D; Chen, Guangliang; Mishra, Bud
2007 Feb 1;23(3):314-320, Bioinformatics
— id: 71651, year: 2007, vol: 23, page: 314, stat: Journal Article,

Cep97 and CP110 Suppress a Cilia Assembly Program
Spektor, Alexander; Tsang, William Y; Khoo, David; Dynlacht, Brian David
2007 Aug 24;130(4):678-690, Cell
— id: 73828, year: 2007, vol: 130, page: 678, stat: Journal Article,

SCAPER, a novel cyclin A interacting protein that regulates cell cycle progression
Tsang, William Y; Wang, Leyu; Chen, Zhihong; Sanchez, Irma; Dynlacht, Brian David
2007 Aug 13;178(4):621-633, Journal of cell biology
— id: 73586, year: 2007, vol: 178, page: 621, stat: Journal Article,

CP110 Cooperates with Two Calcium-binding Proteins to Regulate Cytokinesis and Genome Stability
Tsang, William Y; Spektor, Alexander; Luciano, Daniel J; Indjeian, Vahan B; Chen, Zhihong; Salisbury, Jeffery L; Sanchez, Irma; Dynlacht, Brian David
2006 Aug;17(8):3423-3434, Molecular biology of the cell
— id: 66471, year: 2006, vol: 17, page: 3423, stat: Journal Article,

Pocket protein complexes are recruited to distinct targets in quiescent and proliferating cells
Balciunaite, Egle; Spektor, Alexander; Lents, Nathan H; Cam, Hugh; Te Riele, Hein; Scime, Anthony; Rudnicki, Michael A; Young, Richard; Dynlacht, Brian David
2005 Sep;25(18):8166-8178, Molecular & cellular biology
— id: 58713, year: 2005, vol: 25, page: 8166, stat: Journal Article,

Constructing transcriptional regulatory networks
Blais, Alexandre; Dynlacht, Brian David
2005 Jul 1;19(13):1499-1511, Genes & development
— id: 58064, year: 2005, vol: 19, page: 1499, stat: Journal Article,

CP110, a cell cycle-dependent CDK substrate, regulates centrosome duplication in human cells
Chen, Zhihong; Indjeian, Vahan B; McManus, Michael; Wang, Leyu; Dynlacht, Brian David
2002 Sep;3(3):339-350, Developmental cell
— id: 33140, year: 2002, vol: 3, page: 339, stat: Journal Article,

E2F4 loss suppresses tumorigenesis in Rb mutant mice
Lee, Eunice Y; Cam, Hieu; Ziebold, Ulrike; Rayman, Joseph B; Lees, Jacqueline A; Dynlacht, Brian David
2002 Dec;2(6):463-472, Cancer cell
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E2F mediates cell cycle-dependent transcriptional repression in vivo by recruitment of an HDAC1/mSin3B corepressor complex
Rayman, Joseph B; Takahashi, Yasuhiko; Indjeian, Vahan B; Dannenberg, Jan-Hermen; Catchpole, Steven; Watson, Roger J; te Riele, Hein; Dynlacht, Brian David
2002 Apr 15;16(8):933-947, Genes & development
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E2F integrates cell cycle progression with DNA repair, replication, and G(2)/M checkpoints
Ren, Bing; Cam, Hieu; Takahashi, Yasuhiko; Volkert, Thomas; Terragni, Jolyon; Young, Richard A; Dynlacht, Brian David
2002 Jan 15;16(2):245-256, Genes & development
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Transcriptional regulation of cell cycle progression
Dynlacht BD
Transcription factors Oxford : BIOS, Academic Press, 2001,
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Active repression and E2F inhibition by pRB are biochemically distinguishable
Ross JF; Naar A; Cam H; Gregory R; Dynlacht BD
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Human PC4 is a substrate-specific inhibitor of RNA polymerase II phosphorylation
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Analysis of promoter binding by the E2F and pRB families in vivo: distinct E2F proteins mediate activation and repression
Takahashi Y; Rayman JB; Dynlacht BD
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Mechanism of transcriptional repression of E2F by the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein
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Activity and nature of p21(WAF1) complexes during the cell cycle
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Dual cyclin-binding domains are required for p107 to function as a kinase inhibitor
Castano E; Kleyner Y; Dynlacht BD
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Expression of NPAT, a novel substrate of cyclin E-CDK2, promotes S-phase entry
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Regulation of transcription by proteins that control the cell cycle
Dynlacht BD
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Specific regulation of E2F family members by cyclin-dependent kinases
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Purification and analysis of CIP/KIP proteins
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p130 and p107 use a conserved domain to inhibit cellular cyclin-dependent kinase activity
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Cyclin-binding motifs are essential for the function of p21CIP1
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The anti-proliferative effect of sulindac and sulindac sulfide on HT-29 colon cancer cells: alterations in tumor suppressor and cell cycle-regulatory proteins
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Transcriptional control of the cell cycle
Sanchez I; Dynlacht BD
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Retinoblastoma protein. Pol I gets repressed
Dynlacht BD
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Inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinases by p21
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Tumour-derived p16 alleles encoding proteins defective in cell-cycle inhibition
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Cdk-activating kinase complex is a component of human transcription factor TFIIH
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p107 uses a p21CIP1-related domain to bind cyclin/cdk2 and regulate interactions with E2F
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DNA-binding and trans-activation properties of Drosophila E2F and DP proteins
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Differential regulation of E2F transactivation by cyclin/cdk2 complexes
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The dTAFII80 subunit of Drosophila TFIID contains beta-transducin repeats
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