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Ronny Cohen, M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor;
Departments of Medicine (Medicine) and Medicine (Medicine)

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Development of dalfampridine, a novel pharmacologic approach for treating walking impairment in multiple sclerosis
Blight, Andrew R; Henney, Herbert R 3rd; Cohen, Ron
2014 Aug;:7042-7060, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
— id: 1162172, year: 2014, vol: , page: 7042, stat: Journal Article,

A fatal case of peripartum cardiomyopathy
Cohen, Ronny; Mallet, Thierry; Mirrer, Brooks; Loarte, Pablo; Gale, Michael; Kastell, Paul
2014 Jun;16(2):78-82, Acute cardiac care
— id: 1059382, year: 2014, vol: 16, page: 78, stat: Journal Article,

A pooled analysis of two phase 3 clinical trials of dalfampridine in patients with multiple sclerosis
Goodman, Andrew D; Brown, Theodore R; Schapiro, Randall T; Klingler, Michael; Cohen, Ron; Blight, Andrew R
2014 Fall;16(3):153-160, International journal of MS care
— id: 1316322, year: 2014, vol: 16, page: 153, stat: Journal Article,

Thrombolytic-related complication in a case of misdiagnosed myocardial infarction
Irivbogbe, Osereme; Mirrer, Brooks; Loarte, Pablo; Gale, Michael; Cohen, Ronny
2014 Jun;16(2):83-87, Acute cardiac care
— id: 1059552, year: 2014, vol: 16, page: 83, stat: Journal Article,

Intrapericardial mature cystic teratoma in an adult: case presentation
Cohen, Ronny; Mirrer, Brooks; Loarte, Pablo; Navarro, Victor
2013 Jan;36(1):6-9, Clinical cardiology
— id: 213262, year: 2013, vol: 36, page: 6, stat: Journal Article,

Mature cardiac teratoma in an adult
Cohen, R A; Loarte, P; Navarro, V; Mirrer, B
2012 2012;3(3):97-99, Cardiology research
— id: 627942, year: 2012, vol: 3, page: 97, stat: Journal Article,

Heparin induced thrombocytopenia: case presentation and review
Cohen, Ronny A; Castellano, Mariely; Garcia, Christine A
2012 Feb;4(1):68-72, Journal of clinical medicine research
— id: 175763, year: 2012, vol: 4, page: 68, stat: Journal Article,

Syncope as initial presentation of kommerell diverticulum
Cohen, Ronny; Loarte, Pablo; Garcia, Christine; Diaz, Lizmer; Mirrer, Brooks
2012 Jun;21(2):111-116, International journal of angiology
— id: 366952, year: 2012, vol: 21, page: 111, stat: Journal Article,

Fine-needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid bed lesions in post-thyroidectomy patients: what is the importance of nondiagnostic biopsy results?
Zini, Chiara; Thomas, Stephen; Raad, Roy; White, Barbara; Antic, Tatjana; Cohen, Ronald; Oto, Aytekin
2012 Dec;31(12):1973-1976, Journal of ultrasound in medicine
— id: 378922, year: 2012, vol: 31, page: 1973, stat: Journal Article,

4-Aminopyridine: new life for an old drug. Reply
Cohen, Ron; Blight, Andrew R
2011 Jan;69(1):218-220, Annals of neurology
— id: 790392, year: 2011, vol: 69, page: 218, stat: Journal Article,

Left bundle branch block in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a sign of advanced cardiovascular involvement
Guzman, Eliscer; Singh, Narpinder; Khan, Ijaz A; Niarchos, Andreas P; Verghese, Cherian; Saponieri, Cesare; Singh, Harinder K; Gowda, Ramesh M; Vasavada, Balendu C; Cohen, Ronny A
2004 Oct;9(4):362-365, Annals of noninvasive electrocardiology
— id: 113899, year: 2004, vol: 9, page: 362, stat: Journal Article,

Acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction from myocardial bridging of left anterior descending coronary artery
Gowda, Ramesh M; Khan, Ijaz A; Ansari, Abdul W; Cohen, Ronny A
2003 Jul;90(1):117-118, International journal of cardiology
— id: 113898, year: 2003, vol: 90, page: 117, stat: Journal Article,