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2005-2007 — ETH Zurich, Graduate Education

Radiofrequency energy deposition and radiofrequency power requirements in parallel transmission with increasing distance from the coil to the sample
Deniz, Cem M; Vaidya, Manushka V; Sodickson, Daniel K; Lattanzi, Riccardo
2015-03-16; 0740-3194,Magnetic resonance in medicine - id: 1494622, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

A method for safety testing of radiofrequency/microwave-emitting devices using MRI
Alon, Leeor; Cho, Gene Y; Yang, Xing; Sodickson, Daniel K; Deniz, Cem M
2014-12-01; 0740-3194,Magnetic resonance in medicine - id: 1359712, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Feasibility of three-dimensional MRI of proximal femur microarchitecture at 3 tesla using 26 receive elements without and with parallel imaging
Chang, Gregory; Deniz, Cem M; Honig, Stephen; Rajapakse, Chamith S; Egol, Kenneth; Regatte, Ravinder R; Brown, Ryan
2014-06-23; 1053-1807,Journal of magnetic resonance imaging - id: 1042112, year: 2014 Journal Article

Finite Element Analysis Applied to 3-T MR Imaging of Proximal Femur Microarchitecture: Lower Bone Strength in Patients with Fragility Fractures Compared with Control Subjects
Chang, Gregory; Honig, Stephen; Brown, Ryan; Deniz, Cem M; Egol, Kenneth A; Babb, James S; Regatte, Ravinder R; Rajapakse, Chamith S
2014-04-24; 0033-8419,Radiology - id: 895822, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

RF-emission device safety testing using MRI
Alon, L; Cho, GY; Yang, X; Zhu, Y; Sodickson, DK; Deniz, CM
2014-03-17; 1522-3965,Digest (IEEE Antennas & Propagation Society International Symposium) - id: 843672, year: 2013