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Mohamed Boutjdir

Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine

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All members in Sphingomyelin Synthase Gene Family Have Ceramide Phosphoethanolamine Synthase Activity
Ding, Tingbo; Kabir, Inamul; Li, Yue; Lou, Caixia; Yazdanyar, Amirfarbod; Xu, Jiachen; Dong, Jibin; Zhou, Hongwen; Park, Taesik; Boutjdir, Mohamed; Li, Zhiqiang; Jiang, Xian-Cheng
2015-01-26; 0022-2275,Journal of lipid research - id: 1440172, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Pathogenesis of the Novel Autoimmune-Associated Long QT Syndrome
Yue, Yuankun; Castrichini, Monica; Srivastava, Ujala; Fabris, Frank; Shah, Krupa; Li, Zhiqiang; Qu, Yongxia; El-Sherif, Nabil; Zhou, Zhengfeng; January, Craig; Hussain, M Mahmood; Jiang, Xian-Cheng; Sobie, Eric A; Wahren-Herlenius, Marie; Chahine, Mohamed; Capecchi, Pier-Leopoldo; Laghi-Pasini, Franco; Lazzerini, Pietro-Enea; Boutjdir, Mohamed
2015-05-24; 1524-4539,Circulation - id: 1591052, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Letter to the Editor in response to the article "Preventing congenital neonatal heart block in offspring of mothers with anti-SSA/Ro and SSB/La antibodies: A review of published literature and registered clinical trials." by Gleicher N, Elkayam U, Autoimmun Rev. 2013 Sep;12(11):1039-45
Costedoat-Chalumeau, Nathalie; Izmirly, Peter; Wahren-Herlenius, Marie; Silverman, Earl; Brucato, Antonio; Boutjdir, Mohamed; Khamashta, Munther; Llanos, Carolina; Pisoni, Cecilia N; Friedman, Deborah M; Clancy, Robert; Phoon, Colin K L; Saxena, Amit; Buyon, Jill P
2013-11-18; 1568-9972,Autoimmunity reviews - id: 628742, year: 2014 Letter

Intestine specific MTP deficiency with global ACAT2 gene ablation lowers acute cholesterol absorption with chylomicrons and high density lipoproteins
Iqbal, Jahangir; Boutjdir, Mohamed; Rudel, Lawrence L; Hussain, M Mahmood
2014-07-25; 0022-2275,Journal of lipid research - id: 1075212, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Comment on "Absence of an association between anti-Ro antibodies and prolonged QTc interval in systemic sclerosis: A multicenter study of 689 patients"
Lazzerini, Pietro Enea; Capecchi, Pier Leopoldo; Boutjdir, Mohamed; Laghi-Pasini, Franco
2014-12-08; 0049-0172,Seminars in arthritis & rheumatism - id: 1370622, year: 2014 LETTER