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Tobias Block, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor;
Department of Radiology (CBI)

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A model-based reconstruction for undersampled radial spin-echo DTI with variational penalties on the diffusion tensor
Knoll, Florian; Raya, Jose G; Halloran, Rafael O; Baete, Steven; Sigmund, Eric; Bammer, Roland; Block, Tobias; Otazo, Ricardo; Sodickson, Daniel K
2015 Jan;:42-42, NMR in biomedicine
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Rapid and accurate T mapping from multi-spin-echo data using Bloch-simulation-based reconstruction
Ben-Eliezer, Noam; Sodickson, Daniel K; Block, Kai Tobias
2014 Mar;:?-?, Magnetic resonance in medicine
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True real-time cardiac MRI in free breathing without ECG synchronization using a novel sequence with radial k-space sampling and balanced SSFP contrast mode
Bauer, Ralf W; Radtke, Isabel; Block, Kai T; Larson, Maya C; Kerl, J Matthias; Hammerstingl, Renate; Graf, Thomas G; Vogl, Thomas J; Zhang, Shuo
2013 Jun;29(5):1059-1067, International journal of cardiovascular imaging
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Free-breathing contrast-enhanced T1-weighted gradient-echo imaging with radial k-space sampling for paediatric abdominopelvic MRI