Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic techniques permit surgery on the abdominal and retroperitoneal organs without the large incision that accompanies traditional “open” surgery. At NYU Urology Associates, we use laparoscopy to manage kidney cancers, remove diseased adrenal glands, perform renal biopsies, excise renal cysts and perform innovative urinary reconstruction techniques. Research by our department has defined many advantages of laparoscopy over traditional open surgery, including decreased blood loss, less pain, shorter hospital stays and faster overall recovery time.

More information on laparoscopic surgery

In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes a quarter-inch incision near the navel or in the lower abdomen and then pumps carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen. This causes the abdominal cavity to expand, creating more working room for the surgeon and making it easier to see the organs. A fiber optic camera called a laparoscope is then inserted into the body through one of the incisions; it lights the area and projects a magnified image onto a screen. Surgical instruments may then be inserted through three to four additional small incisions. Once the camera and instruments are in place, the operation is identical to traditional open surgery, except that it is done much less invasively.

For example, a patient undergoing a procedure to remove a kidney (nephrectomy) or remove part of a kidney with a tumor (partial nephrectomy) using an open surgical technique will require an 8- to 18-inch incision in the abdomen. The same operation performed laparoscopically requires only three to four incisions, each less than a quarter of an inch, and one 3-inch extraction incision hidden just above the patient's pubic bone. These smaller incisions cause significantly less trauma to the body and allow the patient to heal faster and return to work and/or normal activities more quickly.

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