Medications for Liver Transplant Surgery

Your immune system is made up of highly specialized cells called lymphocytes that protect your body from invasion of foreign substances. While immunity is very important in protecting you from illness, your immune system can recognize your transplanted organ as not your own and launch an attack against it. This is why you take medications to suppress your immune system. You will be on them for the rest of your life.

All immunosuppressive medications, including Cyclosporine, Neoral, Prograf, Imuran, Cell Cept and Rapamune have side effects. These side effects may include:

  • high blood pressure
  • excessive hair growth or hair loss
  • hand tremors
  • mood swings
  • weight gain

The effects depend on the type of medication you will be taking. Some side effects are temporary and resolve as your body adjusts to the medication and some will continue for as long as you are taking the medication.

Your Transplant Team will advise you how best to deal with any side effects you might experience.