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Preventing Sexual Harassment

As part of our long-standing commitment of non-discrimination and equal opportunity in all of its employment practices, the School of Medicine prohibits sexual harassment or intimidation in the workplace. In order to reinforce this commitment, the Office of the Dean is sponsoring a program that will assist faculty, professional research and management level employees in recognizing and dealing with sexual harassment issues in the work place. The program offers the option of accessing an interactive internet-based sexual harassment prevention training program or attending the Preventing Sexual Harassment Workshop facilitated by the Human Resources Department.

The interactive internet-based training is easily accessible at and requires the successful completion of a mastery test. The estimated time to review the material on line and complete the test is approximately 45 minutes.

The Office of the Dean considers this program to be an essential component of supervisory training and therefore, requires that all faculty, professional research and management level employees complete either the Internet-based training or a classroom-based workshop.

Questions regarding this program should be directed to Employee Relations at 404-3871.