Career Advising

The Master Scholars Career Advising Program provides medical students with consistent advising throughout all four years of medical school. The goal of this program is to enhance students' professional development by providing personal and career-oriented support through meetings with skilled faculty members. Beginning at orientation, every student is assigned randomly to one of the MSP Career Advisors. Throughout each year students will participate in workshops, individual/group meetings with their advisor, and collaborations with students organizations.

Specifically, the role of the Advising Program is to provide:

  • an opportunity to support students in the career decision making
  • a source for students to receive information and/or referrals regarding career development
  • mentoring and opportunities to seek out other mentors as needed

The Advising Program is not meant to guide a student into a specific Residency. Advisors will, however, be an expert resource regarding clinical, research, and educational opportunities available to students, in addition to providing information on support services guiding students with personal and career exploration.