In our newly designed Curriculum for the 21st Century (C21), the clinical clerkships begin in January of the second year. The earlier start of the clerkship year allows students to customize their education by providing additional time to explore, in greater depth, an area of interest. Upon completion of the core clerkship year, students take STEP I of the licensing exam as well as our Comprehensive Clinical Skills Examination. The remainder of the time will be used to fulfill the graduation requirements that include additional clerkships, Selectives, electives and a Concentration.

The purpose of a Concentration is to delve, in greater depth, into a field of medicine and science that aligns with a student’s professional interests. Working together with experts in a chosen discipline, the student will develop a research plan that will result in the preparation and submission of a scholarly product agreed upon by student and mentor. Although not a requirement, students are encouraged to pursue extramural submission of their work.


Concentrations are twelve weeks in length and consist of a research and didactic component that will culminate in the completion of a scholarly product. Students can choose to pursue a Concentration in basic, clinical, or translational science or they may focus on areas outside the traditional research track such as global health, health disparities, or health policy. Students will be paired with a faculty mentor who will guide them through the twelve-week experience.

Concentrations can be completed in one of two ways: 1) Students may spend either the entire twelve weeks pursuing research or 2) they can complete eight weeks of research together with a four-week didactic component that provides core information linked to the research topic (e.g. Selective, elective).

Areas of Concentration

Basic, Clinical, or Translational Science
Bioethics or the Medical Humanities
Global Health
Health Disparities
Health Systems Innovation and Policy
Medical Education
Quality and Patient Safety in Orthopedic Surgery

Concentrations Descriptions and Program Guide (NYU Students Only)