Innovative Technology for Medical Education

The NYU School of Medicine has a number of innovative teaching tools managed by the Division of Educationl Informatics, driven by the latest technologies in medical education.

  • Virtual Microscope is used in the pre-clerkship curriculum in place of the traditional microscope.
  • WISE-MD (Web-based Initiative in Surgical Education) is a tool for surgical education, used in the Surgery clerkship at the NYU School of Medicine.  Wise MD provides a computerized linear narrative of patient illness and patient-physician interaction from the patient's first visit with his or her physician, through the diagnostic process, into the operating room, through the laboratory studies and pathology, and finally to the postoperative visits.
  • Brightspace serves as a central resource for online medical education content and computer-based learning activities.
  • Online learning modules are used throughout the four years to teach and reinforce specific curricular topics.
  • The BioDigital Human is an interactive online virtual human body. It allows students, using 3D glasses, to view life-sized digital content displayed on a projector screen in the anatomy lab, and was showcased as a part of TedMED 2013.