About the Office of Medical Education

The role of the Office of Medical Education is to actively support NYU School of Medicine’s students in their educational endeavors at a time of remarkable change in the practice of medicine, technology and research. Our office works closely with the faculty and administration to ensure our students receive an unparalleled medical education. As a collaborative team, students and faculty learn and discover together. In doing so, we are proud to produce graduates who approach the profession of medicine with skill, compassion, intellectual discipline and professionalism.

The Office of Medical Education ensures that our students receive a medical education with a strong foundation in the core principles of basic science, mechanisms of disease, and integrated clinical skills. The School of Medicine is excited to offer a newly designed Curriculum for the 21st Century (C21) that is patient-centered and disease-focused, based on spiraling topics to enhance the intellectual link between the classroom and patient care.

All of us in the Office of Medical Education are pleased to support our students and faculty by cultivating a culture of scholarship, mentorship, professionalism and humanism. We encourage you to read more about our exciting new curriculum, the facilities available to our students, and the faculty and staff who make it all possible.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Mel Rosenfeld
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education