Three-Year MD Pathway

One of the key objectives of the School of Medicine’s patient-centered and disease-focused Curriculum for the 21st Century (C21) has been the development of individualized pathways for medical students, allowing them to customize their program at different points during their training, including three-, four- and five-year options leading to the MD degree.

The Three-Year MD Pathway provides an accelerated track for a select group of eligible students. All students graduating from the Three-Year MD Pathway will be offered acceptance into the NYU Langone Medical Center residency program they selected at the time of admission by way of the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

The curriculum for the three-year pathway is identical to the core curriculum of the four-year pathway with a few modifications shown in the diagram below in yellow. Three-year pathway students will start their academic year 6 weeks earlier with a rotation in the department of their chosen residency. Similarly they will spend the summer between their first and second year doing a summer fellowship in the same department.

In order to apply to the three-year pathway, you must first be accepted into the four-year MD program. Information on how to apply to both programs can be found on our Admissions and Financial Aid website.