Camila Delgado

I was born in Colombia and stayed there until the age of 15 when my family moved to the United States. We moved to Miami, Florida where I finished high school and continued to do my undergrad at Florida International University where I majored in Biomedical engineering. As an undergraduate, I became interested in research which eventually lead me to NYU to pursue an MD/PhD.

At NYU, I serve as co-president of the Black and Latino Student Association (BALSA). As an organization, we try to promote diversity in our medical school as well as awareness of the issues that affect underrepresented minorities. It is a great chance for me to raise awareness and try to stay involved with different cultures as much as I can. I really like how NYU is very receptive to minorities and offers support when needed.

I am also involved in the Infectious diseases interest group as well as being an organizer of the yoga club for the med school. I really like staying involved in different activities and NYU has been great at offering students countless opportunities to explore their areas of interest.

I came to NYU because of what it had to offer in both the medical and graduate school (as well as having the opportunity to live in an amazing city). As an MD/PhD applicant, it was important for me to feel comfortable with both areas and NYU had it all. I was really drawn to the 1.5 year curriculum that would allow me to start my PhD faster and possibly graduate earlier. In addition, NYU is constantly in the front line of ground-breaking research so it seemed like the appropriate place to develop my critical thinking and become a great physician scientist.