Research Opportunities

The Honors Program administration has compiled various resources to help you find a research opportunity that meets the criteria of the Honors Program. Below we have provided a list of prospective research mentors, which identifies R01-funded faculty and the research projects they are currently working on at NYU Langone Medical Center; faculty who have served as mentors to Honors students over the past five years; and NYU Sackler faculty, who conduct research in the basic medical sciences.

Tips on How To Find a Mentor

  • Visit the web page of the mentor who is doing research related to your area of interest. Often there are faculty biographies on many of the web pages, detailing their areas of specialty. This can help you narrow your areas of interest and thus find a faculty mentor.  
  • When you identify faculty with whom you may want to work, familiarize yourself with their work by reading articles, papers, and publications authored by the faculty member. Then contact him/her by phone or email to introduce yourself and explain your intent. Note that sending a generic email is not an effective or appropriate method of communication. Instead, include information about any relevant research you have done to make yourself an appealing candidate to work in their lab. You should demonstrate enthusiasm and interest for this area of research. You should also refer to their publications to demonstrate that you have taken an interest in their work. 
  • Contact the Honors Program Director (email Dr. John Munger) for ideas or referrals.  
  • Visit the NYU SoM Medical Student Grant Opportunities database. These projects are submitted directly by faculty who are seeking research assistance.  
  • Talk to any faculty whom you have had in class or whose lecture you attended with a specialty area that interests you. Their current or future research may provide you with an opportunity to do Honors research here at NYU.