Living in New York City

Welcome to New York City!

NYU Langone Medical Center is located in Murray Hill on the east side of Manhattan overlooking the East River.

Of course you’ll be busy while you're here. But there will be chances for you to explore the city and its many options for music, art, theatre and restaurants. Whether you’re going uptown to Lincoln Center for opera or downtown to listen to a funky new band, be prepared to enjoy.

It may take some time to get used to the subway and bus system but soon enough you’ll be navigating like a pro. And, just like a native New Yorker, you might even wonder why tourists walk so slow! If you do need your green, take a stroll through Central Park or jog around the track encircling its reservoir. Want to see some art?
Hit MOMA or the galleries in Chelsea.

You’re most likely going to need a meal or two and New York offers a mind-boggling array of food -
from American Southern food to Russian restaurants and everything in between.

Some say New York City is the most exciting and vibrant city in the world. You be the judge.